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Service Level Agreement

SLA ( Service Level Agreement ) now Globaly accepted that service provision and receipt must be governed by an SLA agreement. This is essential to define the Correct parameters of the business or service, SLA for the benefit of both the provider and the Customer. SLA is a part of our Core service contract where the Privilegeserver levels of service is formally defined. Read Privilegeserver Hosting Service Level agreement Carefully.

Service Level Agreement

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1. Coverage Definitions

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to the customers who are holding a current account and has ordered the Privilegeserver.com webhosting services such as the Reseller hosting Xen Linux, and/or Windows Hosting plans), Cpanel, and Shared Hosting. The real meaning of the ôServer Availability" is the percentage in a single month and it is calculated based on twenty four-hour in that particular month, and the server is assessed by the third parties through any one of the following- HTTPS, SSH, HTTP or ICMP. They are measured and monitored by the Privilegeserver.com unless the customer server is prevented by the local firewall.

2. Service Level

( i ). Goal:

The chief goal of the Privilegeserver.com is to provide 100% network or server for all its customers.

( ii ). Remedy:

This remedy is subjected according to the Section 3 and 4 below, in case the Server Availability of the Privilegeserver.com web hosting service is estimated to be less than 99.99%, and the customers are offered credits with following schedule, and the credit calculations are made on monthly basis with the service charges in the affected areas.

Availability of The Server Credit Percentage

Privilegeserver.com Server - 99.98 10 %
Privilegeserver.com Server - 99.97 15 %

(Please Note: This is only assuming that our Main Server / IP node is down, and this also does't include Privilegeserver Networks , Servers maintenance, OS Reloads /reboots, No Pending Monthly or recurring due Invoice at this billing time)

3. Exceptions

In case the customers failed because of the deficiency in the Server Availability because of the following causes then the customer is not obliged to receive under the SLA any credits . exceptions are given in case of circumstances that are out of control of Privilegeserver.com such as the war, sabotage, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, , insurrection, embargo, flood, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications, fire, or other delay or interruption in the transportation, virus attack, third party services interruptions, hackers, failure of third party software and no limitation, including ecommerce software, chat, free scripts or statistics, or in case they are not able to obtain raw materials, power or supplies needed for the following SLA provision.

1, The access circuit to the upstream is failed to the Privilegeserver.com Network, but not when the failure is solely caused by Privilegeserver.com

2, Emergency and scheduled Server upgrades and Network maintenance

3, Outside the direct control of Privilegeserver.com there are DNS issues

4, Customer access issues with POP, FTP, SMTP or IMA

5, In case of false SLA violations reported because of errors or outages in any of the measurement system in the Privilegeserver.com

6, Omissions or customer's acts (or omissions or acts of other people authorized or engaged by the customer), which includes, custom scripting, without limitation, or coding (example- Perl, ASP, HTML, CGI, etc), any willful misconduct, negligence, or use of the Services in violation of Privilegeserver.com Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions.

7, Transmission and delivery through webmail or E-mail's.

8, Propagation of Domain Name Server or the DNS.

9, Certain outages somewhere on the Internet might be hindering the accessibility to your account. In such cases Privilegeserver.com is never responsible for DNS or browser caching and this factor will make your website appear to be inaccessible when other third parties still will not be accessed.

10, Privilegeserver.com will provide guaranteed services only for those parts of the agreement are controlled by the Privilegeserver.com. Privilegeserver.com server is linked to the Internet, through, Privilegeserver.com servers and Privilegeserver.com routers.

4. Credit Request and Secure Payment Procedures

If the customer makes a billing request to Privilegeserver.com through the email communication then he is obliged for receiving credits. The customer's account number must be included in the SLA in every Privilegeserver.com invoice and the other information including time and date the customer's Server was not available to the Privilegeserver.com within 10 days. In case the customer and the Privilegeserver.com confirms the unavailability then the credits can be applied in a two billing cycles once the receipt of credit request is provided by the Privilegeserver.com.

The whole amount calculated and credited by the SLA to the customer will never exceed the hosting fees totally paid by the customer for the affected services. The credits exclude the applicable taxes that are charged by the Privilegeserver.com to its customers. Thus the customers are exclusively given remedies for the deficiency of the customer server availability of the web hosting server.

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